Lorraine Clarke-McGhie | Leading British Gospel to Mainstream

In 2005 Lorraine Clarke – McGhie released her debut album titled I CAN GO ON, an 11 song album of self-penned tracks. She is still going strong and is an example of one of the rapidly emerging talents to be established in British Gospel. McGhie has risen above the radar and could be one of the first Gospel brands since Nu Colors to stake her claim in the national UK charts.

What is Lorraine Clarke – McGhie’s signature song and why?

My signature song ‘Bless Thou The Lord Oh My Soul/ He’s Worthy’ by Judith McAllister. This is an up-tempo lively praise song that modulates and requires a lot of energy to sing. It is a song that gets everyone moving in praise. I love to use dance when praising God. This is a song where I have desire to physically hold back? – Oh no! It’s the time to get my praise on!

Who is your role model?

Oprah Winfrey is one of my many role models; Intelligent. A Powerful leader. Financially independent. Confident. Articulate. A Great influencer. Passionate. Caring. Considerate. Inspiring. Hard working. Able to get the best out of people.

Your toughest challenge?

Having to remember each day that I have type 2 diabetes is a very tough challenge.  The implications of what this could lead to is so devastating that I have to reverse all my negative thoughts daily. It helps knowing that God has looked after me this far as I stand on His word and look after myself to the best of my ability.

Your brightest day?

My brightest day was the day I started my relationship with God.

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